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What Women Want Nick Marshall’s (Mel Gibson) ‘Telly Award’

An awards trophy used in the production of Nancy Myers’ romantic comedy What Women Want. Involved in a freak accident, failing marketing guru Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) acquires the power to hear the thoughts of all the women around him. But will he use his newfound powers for good? Or will the morally corrupt marketer […]

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch Full-Size Gremlin Skeleton

A full-size Gremlin skeleton puppet used in Joe Dante’s horror comedy Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Taken by a band of crazed scientists, cuddly mogwai Gizmo is subjected to all manner of experiments. Of course, it’s not long before chaos erupts, as Gizmo is covered in water and spawns a new group of mogwai that […]

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Frank Darabont's signed The Walking Dead Season 1 premiere press kit along with Sheriff hat and cap

Frank Darabont’s signed The Walking Dead Season 1 premiere press kit along with Sheriff hat and cap. (AMC, 2010- ) First season premiere press kit, autographed twice by the show’s creator Frank Darabont (once on the box, and again inside). This elaborate press kit was made for press and critics to promote the premiere of […]

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Alex Tavoularis concept sketch for Spider-Man 2

Alex Tavoularis concept sketch for Spider-Man 2. (Columbia Pictures, 2004) Original concept sketch by Alex Tavoularis for Spider-Man 2. Accomplished in pencil on 20 x 30 in. illustration board. The sketch features an unmasked “Peter Parker” (aka “Spider-Man”) stopping a runaway subway car on an elevated track, just before it careens over the edge. Signed […]

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Jeff Bridges screen-worn "Dude" costume from The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges screen-worn “Dude” costume from The Big Lebowski. (Polygram, 1998) This original costume was screen-worn by Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” in the Coen Brothers classic comedy The Big Lebowski. Bridges’ earnest portrayal of the unemployed, pothead slacker, endeared the actor to the public and revitalized his career. “The Dude” character is considered one […]

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Bernard Hill "Captain Smith" costume sketch from Titanic

Bernard Hill “Captain Smith” costume sketch from Titanic. (TCF, 1997) Color sketch of Bernard Hill as “Captain Smith” from the James Cameron epic Titanic. The sketch is accomplished in pencil and gouache on 10 x 14 in. artist paper. It features “Captain Smith” in full-dress navy blue uniform holding one of his pair of leather […]

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Life size hero, desiccated "pod person" prop from Body Snatchers

Life size hero, desiccated “pod person” prop from Body Snatchers. (Warner Bros., 1993) Having re-imagined the alien pod people for Philip Kaufman’s highly successful 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, husband and wife makeup wizards Tom and Bari Burman were hired to take the pods even further for Abel Ferrara’s intense Sci-Fi thriller, […]

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Christian Slater "clarence worley" Elvis-style sunglasses with crew chair back from …

Christian Slater “clarence worley” Elvis-style sunglasses with crew chair back from True Romance. (Morgan Creek, 1993) Plastic, Elvis-style sunglasses, screen-worn by Christian Slater as “Clarence Worley” in the sexy crime film True Romance. The glasses feature prominently throughout the film and in advertising media. Consisting of metallic painted, over-sized frames with dark amber lenses. The […]

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Robert Redford "Jack Weil" costume from Havana

Robert Redford “Jack Weil” costume from Havana. (Universal, 1991) This original costume was worn by Robert Redford as “Jack Weil” in Sydney Pollack’s epic Havana. The outfit includes a dark blue sport jacket, dark blue dress shirt, black belt, a pair of brown two-tone wing tip shoes and khaki pants. Redford wore this ensemble in […]

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Original ant maquette for Honey, I shrunk the Kids

Original ant maquette for Honey, I shrunk the Kids. (Disney, 1989) In the Sci-fi comedy film, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, a laboratory mishap delivers a miniaturized family into a world of gigantic adventures. In one particularly exciting and memorable scene the kids are embroiled in a battle between a giant scorpion and a friendly […]