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Hero Gold-Plated Power Rangers Belt Buckle Disc From Power Rangers Zeo.

Hero gold-plated Power Rangers belt buckle disc from Power Rangers Zeo. (Saban Ent., 1996-1997) Measuring 4 in. in diameter, the circular buckle features the symbols of all five Rangers. Constructed of cast resin vacuum-metalized with gold colored metallic finish. This buckle was attached on a Zeo Ranger’s belt. Attached on the back is a wire […]

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Full-Head "Cog" Mask From Power Rangers Zeo.

Full-head “Cog” mask from Power Rangers Zeo. (Saban Ent., 1996-1997) In the Power Ranger’s universe, “Cogs” are mechanical servants who do the bidding of the “Machine Empire”. Constructed of polyurethane foam with interior foam padding, the front ¾ of the helmet is painted gold, the rear skullcap is covered with gray spandex fabric. The eyes […]

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Gold Power Staff From Power Rangers Zeo.

Gold Power Staff from Power Rangers Zeo. (Saban Ent., 1996-1997) Stunt gold Power Staff measuring 35 in., the sturdy staff is constructed of wood with solid resin ends painted gold with silver foil tape accent on one end. The handle is wrapped with black electrical tape for easy grip by the actor. In production-used, good […]

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Original Red Ranger Costume From Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Original Red Ranger costume from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. (Saban Ent., 1993-1996) Well-crafted Red Ranger hero helmet from the 1995 feature film Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Constructed of sturdy fiberglass and sculpted with a signature dinosaur motif. The helmet features interior foam lining and smoked Perspex lens; rear of the helmet hinges with elastic to […]

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Russell Crowe "Robin Hood" Tunic And Leather Jacket From Robin Hood.

Russell Crowe “Robin Hood” tunic and leather jacket from Robin Hood. (Universal, 2010) This is a knee length. Blue-grey suede jacket with lace up front closure, piping detail ringing the lower arm and wrist of the sleeve. Integral skirt pleating to the lower part of the garment with hidden modern zippers at the sides for […]

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Hugh Jackman "Robert Angier" Tuxedo Suit From The Prestige.

Hugh Jackman “Robert Angier” tuxedo suit from The Prestige. (Warner Bros., 2006) Hugh Jackman plays “Robert Angier” the magician in the mystery film, The Prestige. This is a custom tailored, 2-piece, black wool tuxedo consisting of double-breasted tail coat tuxedo jacket with unusual mock button-looped lapel and rich crimson satin lining. Internal Western Costume bias […]

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Cate Blanchett "Marion Loxley" Dress From Robin Hood.

Cate Blanchett “Marion Loxley” dress from Robin Hood. (Universal, 2010) Kate Blanchett plays the object of Robin Hood’s (Russell Crow) affection, “Marion of Loxley” in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Here is an elegant and simple period garment from this lavish production. The floor-length dress is constructed of flowing off-white linen with mildly cinched draw-string waist […]

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Johnny Depp "Don Juan" Costume From Don Juan Demarco.

Johnny Depp “Don Juan” costume from Don Juan DeMarco. (New Line, 1994) (3) Screen-worn costume pieces from Johnny Depp “Don Juan” in the romantic comedy Don Juan DeMarco. Consisting of (1) black fabric, Spanish styled, floor-length cape. With integral capelet and elaborate Spanish style floral motif embroidered along all edges and hem. With a black […]

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Leonardo Dicaprio "Frank Abagnale" And Tom Hanks "Carl Hanratty" Suits From …

Leonardo DiCaprio “Frank Abagnale” and Tom Hanks “Carl Hanratty” suits from Catch Me If You Can. (Dreamworks, 2002) In Steven Spielberg’s biographical crime drama Catch Me If You Can, “Frank Abagnale” (DiCaprio) and “Carl Hanratty” (Hanks) are locked in a cat and mouse chase as criminal imposter Abagnale stays just a step ahead of Hanratty […]

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Morgan Freeman "Red" Prison Costume From The Shawshank Redemption.

Morgan Freeman “Red” prison costume from The Shawshank Redemption. (Castle Rock Ent., 1994) Original, screen-worn 2-piece prison costume worn by Morgan Freeman as “Red” in Frank Darabont’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Shawshank Redemption. Consisting of blue and white, finely striped long sleeve button down prison shirt with prisoner number “30265” stenciled patch […]