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Cowboys & Aliens Jake Lonergan's (Daniel Craig) Saddlebag

Jake Lonergan’s (Daniel Craig) Saddlebag from Jon Favreau’s 2011 period action sci-fi film, Cowboys & Aliens. Made from leather, this saddlebag can be seen worn around Jake’s horse towards the end of the film as he rides to a remote cabin in the wilderness. This piece features two large pouches that are connected by a […]

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Soldier Sgt. Todd's (Kurt Russel) Stunt Modified Patriot Pistol

Sgt. Todd’s (Kurt Russel) Stunt Modified Patriot Pistol from the 1998 Paul W.S. Anderson sci-fi action film, Soldier. In the film, an obsolete soldier, Todd, is discarded to a waste disposal planet. He then lives among a community of crash survivors and defends his new planet against the engineered soldiers that have replaced him. After […]

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Star Wars – Ep VI – Return Of The Jedi C-3PO Costume Foot

An original C-3PO Costume Foot from the 1983 sci-fi sequel, Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This particular foot was worn by a stunt performer for the shot where C-3PO falls off the deck of Jabba’s barge. The foot is made from dense urethane painted gold and features a ribbed design throughout. […]

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Resident Evil: Retribution Rain's (Michelle Rodriguez) Umbrella Tactical Belt

Rain’s (Michelle Rodriguez) Umbrella Tactical Belt from Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2012 video game inspired movie sequel, Resident Evil: Retribution. In the film, Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues to fight against the Umbrella Corporation as Wesker (Shawn Roberts) stirs up more mutated zombie monstrosities. Tactical belts such as this one can be seen worn through the film […]

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Knight Rider Framed KITT License Plate Display

Knight Rider, A Framed KITT License Plate Display from the popular 1980’s television series, Knight Rider. This display features the license plate used on Michael Knight’s (David Hasselhoff) heavily modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, known as KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. The plate reads “KNIGHT” and is issued under the State of […]

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Top Gun Goose's (Anthony Edwards) Damaged Helmet Visor Cover

An original “Goose” (Anthony Edwards) Damaged Helmet Visor Cover used in the 1986 Tony Scott film, Top Gun. This distressed visor cover was created specifically for shots of Goose lying in the water after crashing into his jet’s canopy cover during ejection, in one of the film’s most memorable scenes. The visor cover was distressed […]

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Batman Begins Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) Gold Card Display

A prop credit card used in the first of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Batman Begins. After losing his parents in a tragic armed robbery, young billionaire Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) turns to a life of vigilantism and becomes the saviour of Gotham City, Batman. Seen in Bruce’s wallet as he plays the playboy billionaire at […]

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Elysium Sec Delacourt Jodie Foster Screen Worn Pant Suit Top & Shoes

These are Sec. Delacourt’s (Jodie Foster) screen worn wardrobe items. Scene: 205 & 208 Items: Bloody, Single-Button Blazer, Sleeveless Top w/ Rouched Neck Line, Zip-Front Flared Pants & Pointy-Toe Shoes w/ 2 Inch Heel Wardrobe Details BLAZER Brand: Emporio Armani Size: 40 Material: Polyester & Rayon Color: Grey Condition: Distressed w/ Blood Stains Caused During […]

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Elysium Screen Used Exo Suit Welder Prop Set

This unique prop item is from the Media Rights Capital theatrical release, Elysium. This is a screen used collectible Exo Suit Welder prop item. This welder is approximately 9 inches tall and 11 inches long. It is described as being composed of a mostly aluminum material. It has a green base with black grips with […]

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Elysium Max Da Costa Matt Damon Screen Worn Armadyne Coveralls

Elysium This unique item is from the theatrical release Elysium. This is Max Da Costa’s (Matt Damon) screen worn wardrobe item. Scene: Not Specified Item: Zip-Front Coveralls w/ “6722” On Left Chest & “Armadyne” On Back Please Note, These Are One Of Multiples Received From Production. Others Will Be Listed Separately. Wardrobe Details COVERALLS Brand: […]